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Mental Health Resources

Here you can find the resources I love to use or have heard great things about. Have experience using other helpful tools or with other organizations? Let me know!



Inkblot Therapy

Inkblot Therapy is a service that provides virtual therapy for those aged 6 and up.  In their own words, "We ground our approach in the belief that mental health services should be convenient, affordable and confidential. Above all, we aim to provide the highest quality personalized care."

The cost for 30 minute session is $37.50 which is around around half of the average cost. The first session is free for you to try it out. You may even be able to cover it with some insurance plans. 

Visit Inkblot and book a free appointment to figure out if it could benefit you. 

02 is bp Magazine’s award-winning, online community. It strives to increase the awareness of bipolar disorder and to provide hope and empowerment to those in the bipolar community — people with bipolar disorder, along with their families, caregivers, and health-care professionals

bp Magazine for bipolar disorder’s print and a digital magazines and are filled with inspirational features and first-person profiles, the latest news and research and educational information for building a healthy lifestyle including: stress reduction, exercise, sleep, treatment, relationships and employment.

Yoga at Home

At Maple, we share the belief that through technology and innovation, you should have access to healthcare professionals when and where you need it. You bank online, shop online, and work online. Why not access healthcare (psychiatrists) online?

Our mission is to tackle some of the world’s most meaningful issues in healthcare, starting with timely and convenient access to doctors and other healthcare providers – so that you can feel better, faster.

We believe Maple’s new model of healthcare delivery will accelerate the world’s journey to a more sustainable health system, saving precious hospital and clinic resources for those who need them most.

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Holding Hands


Fan Cheering

03 is Canada's only charity training and empowering young leaders to revolutionize mental health. is Canada's only charity training and empowering young leaders to revolutionize mental health in every province and territory. Through Do SomethingJack TalksJack Chapters, and Jack Summits, young leaders identify and dismantle barriers to positive mental health in their communities. And through ambitious innovations in youth mental health like Be There, we give people the mental health resources they need to educate themselves. We're working towards a Canada where all young people understand how to take care of their own mental health and look out for each other. A Canada without shame, where all those who need support get the help they deserve. Our movement is powered by tens of thousands of advocates and allies across every province and territory of Canada. And we're just getting started. 



Mental Health Commission of Canada

The MHCC offers many tools and guidelines on a wide range of mental health topics, including on peer support, caregiving, and recovery.

The MHCC focuses on topics such as:

  • Access to quality mental health care

  • Caregiving

  • Children and Youth

  • Diversity

  • E-mental health

  • First Nations, Inuit and Metis

And many more.


Anxiety Canada

"A registered charity and non-profit organization, Anxiety Canada was established more than twenty years ago to raise awareness about anxiety, and to support access to proven resources and treatment.

We have many volunteers from coast to coast who bring expertise to Anxiety Canada, including a Scientific Advisory Committee, a Youth Committee, and a Board of Directors."

Anxiety Canada works to provide evidence-based resources and is the creator of the MindShift™ CBT mobile app.

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